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Dirt, grit and water tracked into a building on the soles of shoes, leave unsightly marks and stains. The result is hazardous in terms of potential slips, expensive in terms of significant cleaning regimes and unsightly not only in the entrance area but in the flooring areas beyond. An effective and attractive matting system, however, can assist in creating a more welcoming entrance area for visitors and staff. It can assist in slip reduction and plays a vital role in reducing facility maintenance costs

Over 30 years ago 3M scientists developed a product which would effectively protect building entrances from dirt. The first Nomad matting product with its revolutionary vinyl “coiled loops” was developed. Incorporating carpet fibre technology, 3M widely expanded its matting range over the years, and today, thanks to constant innovation and expertise, a full line is available from aluminium framed matting to textile floor coverings and many others

Nomad matting has been used in a wide variety of applications across Europe, ranging from the UK high street to shopping centres in Germany, cinemas in Italy and airports in Norway.



3M offer a range of entrance mats that are highly effective in removing and trapping dirt before it can be tracked inside. 80% of dirt and water is tracked into buildings on the soles of visitors’ shoes. Under the specialist brand name of Nomad™, 3M offer a range of entrance matting specially designed to stop it at the door, maintaining a clean, welcoming entrance.

The Nomad matting range offers the ideal solution, scraping soil from shoes and removing initial moisture. Nomad Aqua Textile can either be positioned outside, inside or in recessed wells and are available in a variety of styles for different traffic levels.

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