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Diamon-Fusion is a low-maintenance protective coating that chemically bonds to glass, granite, ceramics & porcelin tiles. Pantered Nanotechnology process results in an ultra thin, yet resilient barrier that seals the surface providing better visibility and reduced damage from harsh environments.

Application areas: Shower Cubicles, building exterior glass facade, Autowind screen & solar panels etc.

Diamon-Fusion’s impact and scratch resistance were proven by tests conducted at the Institute for Glass Science and Engineering at Alfred University in New York – confirming that to damage a surface treated with Diamon-Fusion, the force applied had to be 10X more than what it takes to damage an unprotected surface.

It protects Glass Surface from Damage, Glass Surface becomes Water Repellent (Hydrophobic), Dust Repellent, Stain Repellant & Stain Resistant, Prevents Stain Build up of Mineral, Limescale, Hard Water Stain, Soap Scum etc, Fingerprints, Scratching is Reduced to Near Zero.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Diamon-Fusion is an ultra-thin, invisible barrier that protects glass and glass-like surfaces from hard water stains, corrosion, and other environmental pollutants. Similar in functionality to a non-stick cooking pan, Diamon-Fusion low-maintenance coating reduces cleaning times, the frequency at which you need to clean and keeps glass looking newer for longer.

Yes, absolutely! Once applied to the surface, Diamon-Fusion eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners, so cleanup can be done with just water and microfiber towel. The low-maintenance coating also helps prevent the build-up of mold and harmful bacteria, promoting a more hygienic environment. Diamon-Fusion also protects exterior glazing from extreme etching, preventing costly replacement projects that ultimately end up in landfills.

When applied to untreated glass, Diamon-Fusion chemically bonds to the silica in the glass, sealing the surface from harmful contaminants and stains. After application, the glass is safe and easy to handle.

Never! Diamon-Fusion is 100% optically clear and guaranteed not to discolor, chip, crack, haze or peel off since the chemical bond created is permanent and integral to the substrate at nanoscale levels.