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The three core principles of GCC are to provide good quality, creditable and considerate products and services to our customers since its establishment. GCC aims to develop every product from users’ perspective to fit customers’needs and serve warm user experience via hardware.

In terms of installation, Protek Devices leaves out the complicated and tedious installation procedures and offers more user-friendly and operability-conveniently products. It not only substantially shortens the installation time but also enhances the working efficiency.

To provide great living experiences to customers, GCC has its QA/QC team to oversee the product with high-standard, and never compromises our product quality, safety and endurances due to market price competition. GCC develops its unique designs and holds patents in many countries. Quality assurance is always the top priority for GCC and we hope through our efforts we can see applications for glass hardware and systems in numerous spaces.

GCC glass fittings are good quality, creditable and considerate products. Click on the link below to open website.

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GTS 840 Double Cylinder with 5 years warranty with upto 125kg door weight.Also available in 150kg category.

GTS 650 Single Cylinder for upto 80kg door weight.

GTS 800 for machine upto 300kg door weight.

GTS 850 conclead overhead door machine.

HGT 100 Hydraulic patch fitting machine.

ODC 680CE marking for upto 80kg door weight.

ODC 830CE marking for upto 120kg door weight.

ODC 730CE marking for upto 100kg glass door & wooden door both.

SWSDR Sliding & Stacking systems.

SFWDR Sliding & Byfolding systems.

SFWPF Sliding & Folding wall sstems with patch fitting.

GTECH manual sliding system.

BRISA 160 softstop sliding door system.

GX992.1/GX990.1 Finest brass alloy hindges.

LH86 aluminium lever hindge with 200000 cyde warranty.

GX512.21,SUS304 stainless steel hindges for showers & offices.

GTECH Sliding.