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3M invented window films in 1960’s in England where Irish Republic were trying to liberate from UK and bombing on the streets. The tempered glass installed would fly and injure people and so 3M films were invented in the process.

3M films are applied from the inside of the building on the glass panes. The film is so strong and flexible that it protects against glass shattering and injuring people or damaging property. Different 3M films are available that can hold glass in case of accidental glass breakage, natural disaster like

Earthquakes and or in worse case against heavy duty bomb blast by terrorists. Besides, these films are an excellent solution against smash and grab in case someone wants to break in. This is particularly imported for Commercial buildings like banks and residential area where people do not want to install Grills for a clear view thus avoiding burglaries.

There are dark, Tinted and Clear films available that can reduce heat coming inside the building through Sunlight. Countries like Pakistan temperature is high for more than 9 months of the year. With proper 3M film applied the heat can be reduced from the sunlight considerably thereby reducing the air conditioning costs. With larger areas film costs can be recovered within few years in terms of savings in Electricity Bills.

Besides, 3M films remove 99% Ultraviolet Sunrays thereby reducing fading and helping against skin diseases in addition to helping against Cataract.

3M is the only window film manufacturing company present in Pakistan with its head office in Karachi and regional office in Lahore. All films applied by Protek Devices are supported by TEN Years warranty for the film and application by 3M directly.

3M has one of the most comprehensive range of matting solutions for any type of premises. We have different colors PVC Entrance matting for outside application, Carpet Matting for inside of building, Wet Area Matting for pools and ablution areas and Clean walk matting for extreme Hygiene areas.

With properly installed matting, 3M claims to reduce dirt and debris brought inside of the building by shoes up to 90%. The mats are fire retardant, prevent bacteria growth.

Slips and Falls in a public or private house can be very devastating. One out of 5 accidents in a work place is due to slippery surfaces which can be determinantal for individual besides loss of work-hours. Health Safety Standards require some sort of traction control products to avoid these accidents. 3M provides different types of tapes and matting that can be installed in staircase, ramps, ladders, machinery, bare foot areas, shower areas, baths, saunas etc.

DFI coatings are water and oil repellent used in shower glass panels to prevent mineral deposits, soap scum etc. making less frequent cleaning with minimum of deposits. These can also be used on mirror, granite, porcelain tiles and auto windscreens etc.

GCC is one of the largest manufacturers of Glass Hardware fittings in the world. The Taiwan based company manufactures a very comprehensive range of fittings all made to international CE Standards. Most of the products carry international warranties like hinges ensure 500,000 cycles. All Stainless-Steel products are made from SUS 304.

It has some of the most unique glass fittings that are not available in the Pakistan market like floor Patch hinges, shower hinges, Sliding and Stacking /Folding Glass systems, Sliding systems , Pivoting systems, door closers etc.

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